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Covid-19 Notice: Due to the current pandemic, all services are available by Zoom at the link below. Our next in person service is now scheduled for  Nov 1, 2020. If you wish to attend please read the following guidelines. All who wish to attend must RSVP, contact information to do so is listed in the guidelines. 
Sunday Service is at 10:30 am Every Week on Zoom


November 8st Worship Service


Healing Through Remembering
Rev. Danielle Webber​

As we approach this year’s Remembrance Day how can we focus on healing. Remembrance Day is a challenge, honouring and respecting people who have served in the Armed Forces and yearning for peace, an end to war. Let us gather this Sunday to do the hard work of facing the reality of a world filled with conflict, violence, war and hatred. Let us gather to move toward healing this world.

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Who We Are

We are a non-creedal, liberal religious community working for justice, equality and compassion. We honour each individual’s search for truth and meaning. 

What Is A Unitarian?

Unitarians are an intentionally diverse and inclusive community, welcoming people with many different backgrounds, theologies and circumstances. We live by a set of 7 principles and draw our faith from six sources.

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We come together to share our beliefs, explore the greater meaning of things and gain greater understanding of the world around us and the roles spirituality and faith play in our lives.

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Meet Our Minister
Rev. Danielle Webber is a third-generation UU, growing up in this tradition.  She decided to become a minister in 2012 while completing a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and Religious Studies and completed the Masters of Divinity in 2016. Rev. Danielle is an eloquent and relatable speaker. She delivers genuine and inspiring services week after week. Find out more about Rev. Danielle here. 
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