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COVID-19 Service Information

Services are currently running in a hybrid format; we welcome you to join us either in-person in the Sanctuary or via the Zoom link below. 

June 26th Worship Service

Poetry and Song on the Theme of Celebrating Blessings

Contributions by Kelowna Unitarians

Worship Associates: Jane Vallentyne & Judith Gunderson

Music Leader: Mary Statham


Come delight in the music and poetry on this month's theme of Celebrating Blessings. Our KU members and friends will share compositions of their own or of their favorite artists/poets. Poetry and song engage our minds and emotions and bring us meaning and joy. Come be uplifted, deeply touched or perhaps transported to places and awarenesses we do not typically access.

A reminder that the Extraordinary General Meeting will take place after this service at 12pm.

Order of Service:


Zoom link:

Summer Services

Beginning July 3 the KU services will be in-person only for the summer months. Zoom links to UU services in other cities will be posted for those unable to attend in person.

July 3rd we are meeting at Kinsmen Park for a potluck picnic (details to follow).

For the balance of the summer we will have Discussion Circles - a less formal and more participatory gathering at the church. Phyllis Cannell has offered to lead the first of our discussion circles. The July 10 title is Favourite UU Hymns.  She will take requests from those in attendance and will play the piano as we all sing along.

We welcome (and encourage!) you to lead other summer services on a topic of your choice. It might be something you have some experience with (e.g. "What we can learn from the natural world"). You would introduce the topic and then invite others to join in. Alternatively, it could be something you do not have expertise with and simply want to hear other people's thoughts/experiences (e.g."Finding our passion/joy in life" or "How to recover our spirit after tragedy/loss").

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Who We Are

We are a non-creedal, liberal religious community working for justice, equality and compassion. We honour each individual’s search for truth and meaning. 

What Is A Unitarian?

Unitarians are an intentionally diverse and inclusive community, welcoming people with many different backgrounds, theologies and circumstances. We live by a set of 7 principles and draw our faith from six sources.

Get Involved

We come together to share our beliefs, explore the greater meaning of things and gain greater understanding of the world around us and the roles spirituality and faith play in our lives.

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