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COVID-19 Service Information

Services are currently running in a hybrid format; we welcome you to join us either in-person in the Sanctuary or via the Zoom link below.

June 4th Worship Service

100 Years of Flowers

Rev. Brian Kiely


The Flower Communion is a beloved ceremony across UU churches in North America and Europe. It’s a grand celebration of diversity, acceptance and community. And next Sunday will be the exact 100th anniversary of its first appearance. Bring a flower to share and a willing and open heart.

PLEASE NOTE: This service will be held at the Kelowna Senior Citizens’ Society located at 1353 Richter Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2L5


Order of Service:

Zoom link (our usual):

June 11th Worship Options
Seeing D’lights Brings a State of Delight

Discussion Circle led by Rob Sebo

10:30am In-Person Only

Being in a state of delight is easy when everything goes right… but how about when things do not? Can one change perspective and see “Th’light” in more than optimal situations?

PLEASE NOTE: This service will be held in-person only at the Kelowna Senior Citizens’ Society located at 1353 Richter Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2L5.

Rituals for the Nonreligious and Spiritually Inept

Leigh Waters

Capital UU Shared Service

10am on Zoom Only

Last fall I began reading Sara Sagen’s book “For Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely World.” I am a nonreligious and spiritually inept person; I never have been able to define spirituality for myself. Yet I lament the lack of ritual in my life. Until I read Sagen’s book, which talks of a science-based philosophy of life, religious and cultural rituals, and how she develops meaningful rituals. Then, I noticed ritualistic habits and practices I already have and when/how I form new ones. I came to better understand how these help me navigate my world. Join me as I look at rituals that once impressed me, why I/we reject them and how new meaningful ones can take their place.

Zoom link (NOT our usual):

Who We Are

We are a non-creedal, liberal religious community working for justice, equality and compassion. We honour each individual’s search for truth and meaning. 

What Is A Unitarian?

Unitarians are an intentionally diverse and inclusive community, welcoming people with many different backgrounds, theologies and circumstances. We live by a set of 7 principles and draw our faith from six sources.

Get Involved

We come together to share our beliefs, explore the greater meaning of things and gain greater understanding of the world around us and the roles spirituality and faith play in our lives.

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