Our Minister

Reverend Danielle Webber came to Kelowna Unitarians in August 2018, serving as the 4th contract minister, and their 1st full-time Minister.

Danielle finished her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Religious Studies in 2013 at Mount Royal University, in Calgary AB. The same year she started Seminary, completing a Masters of Divinity in 2016, and a Masters of Arts in Leadership Studies in 2018, both from Meadville Lombard Theological School, in Chicago Il. Danielle’s Divinity Thesis focused on building relationships between the Indigenous Peoples of South-Eastern Alberta and the Calgary Unitarian Church, where she was a Student Minister. Her Leadership Studies thesis focused on creating relationships between churches and other non-profit organizations to develop community engagement and leadership development. This work followed the same theories of Saul Alinsky and Edward Chambers and the Industrial Areas Foundation.

Danielle Webber is a third-generation UU, growing up in this tradition with a father steeped in UUism from childhood, and a Grandmother who is a Minister of Religious Education. She decided to become a minister in 2012 while completing a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and Religious Studies and completed the Masters of Divinity in 2016.

Danielle completed her Internship with First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto in 2017 and worked in Unitarian Church of Montreal as Sabbatical minister in the winter of 2018. Outside of her UU faith, Danielle enjoys knitting, reading fantasy fiction and spending time with her partner Adam and bullmastiff Brin exploring the mountains and lakes of their new home.  


Danielle can be reached at minister@kelownaunitarians.ca