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Our Members Speak

“I love being part of a community that weaves worship, beauty and social justice.”
“I’m excited by the opportunity to build my own theology.”
“​KU has given me the opportunity to contribute.”
“​KUis a place where I can deepen my intellectual and spiritual life.”
“I like the fact that the church accepts atheists.”
“I like the social action that the church is involved in.”
“​KU offers a strong liberal voice in the greater community.”
“What KU means for me is renewing hope for humankind within the individual.”
“​KU offers freedom from dogma.”
“​KU offers a safe, spiritual place for families.”
“We are a community of interesting, curious people interested in the sacred aspects of life.”
“It’s a community of progressive thinkers. I feel comfortable here.”
“​KU is where I can express my values more freely than in other places.”
“The organization is democratic and lives up to its principles.”
“Sunday services like I never imagined. They are inspiring, creative, and thought-provoking.”
“Fulfills my need to be connected spiritually with the human race.”
“I’ve been a Unitarian all my life but I’ve just started coming to this church.”

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