Sunday services begin at 10:30am. Regular services are held every week from September to the end of June. Children and Youth Religious Exploration programs are available. In the summer we enjoy small group “circles” which also begin at 10:30am.

November 3rd Paying Attention to our Past

Rev. Danielle Webber
Worship Associate Keith Germaine


We seek meaning in our lives, and we seek meaning from the events of our lives. This is often the reason why we create ritual, when we need to recognize, remember or reframe the events within our lives. Many religious and cultural traditions have ritualized a remembering of those who have died; recognizing the members of their family, and the people who have touched their lives. Please bring
photos or mementos for our community alter.


November’s Designated Giving
Our designated giving for the month of November is St. Vincent de Paul: and the program they recently started called "invincible Housing" supplying extraordinary financial assistance in the form of medicine, monthly hampers, utilities to assist people who are on the verge of eviction to be able to stay in their homes.


Community Lunch will Follow this Service: Please join in the fun, bring something to share if possible
and perhaps a friend for great food and conversation.


November 10th Paying Attention to our Future

Rev. Danielle Webber
Worship Associate Linda Guebert


How do we move forward into a future with our mind bent towards peace, non-violent action and justice? On this, the eve of Canada’s Remembrance Day and with the kick off of our Annual Pledge campaign we will be looking forward to a future of which we can be proud. A future in which we will focus our resources, our energies and our commitments towards creating a world where “true happiness,” as Thich Nhat Hanh describes peace, can be found.

November 17th Making Sense of Suffering: A Personal View

Linda Guebert
Worship Associate Kim Dawson


When we are faced with tragedy or loss, it is only natural to ask, “Why did this happen?” and particularly
“Why did this happen to me?” In this service Linda Guebert reflects on her journey after the sudden
death of her husband in 2000 and shares some of the insights she gained from the experience.

Linda Guebert is a member of Kelowna Unitarians who has recently moved to the Okanagan Valley from
northern California. Her memoir, “The Hardest Thing I’ll Ever Do: A Journey of Sorrow, Healing and
Hope” was published in 2013.


November 24th Paying Attention to our Present

Rev. Danielle Webber
Worship Associate Rob Sebo


We are a society with attention being pulled in so many different areas, we live in a age of overwhelm, where our attention is divided by multi-tasking, split between global and local concerns, and pulled into many different directions by our ever busy calendars. How is it that we can hone in our attention to the present moment? This morning we will be focusing on our community in the present moment, welcoming new members, and seeking to find balance in the overwhelm.

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