Sunday services begin at 10:30 am. Regular services are held every week from September to the end of June. Children and Youth Religious Exploration programs are available. In the summer we enjoy small group “circles” which also begin at 10:30 am.

Resilience - a Refugee's Point of View

February 23, 2020

Guest Speaker Asif Khan

Worship Associate Keith Germaine   

Welcoming Board Member Linda Easton

Asif Khan is a Pakistani refugee who spent 5 years in Thailand waiting to be sponsored with his family of 11, with 5 children under 10. They had to survive the most dangerous and life-threatening conditions for the last 4 years in Bangkok. It is an Ann Frank story of hiding in a single room, never going out- no school- constantly on the move to stay one step ahead of the police because their visa had expired. If caught it meant prison and the end of their hope of a future.

Wisdom of All Ages

March 1, 2020

Reverend Danielle Webber


Worship Associate Keith Germaine

Welcoming Board Member Wayne Broughton

We all have wisdom to share. As we begin this month’s theme of wisdom let us attempt to glean from those in our community, of young and of old what wisdoms they have to offer, and how sharing can bring together a more wholesome understanding of truth.



Community Lunch will follow this Service. Please bring something to share if possible and join us for great food and conversation. All Welcome!

Wisdom of the World's Religions

March 8, 2020

Rev. Danielle Webber

 Worship Associate Linda Geubert

Welcoming Board Member Sheldon Reddekopp

Although Unitarian Universalists regularly refer to the 7 Principles to which all communities covenant to Affirm and Promote, did you know that we are a living Tradition that draw from 6 different Sources? This Sunday we will be focusing on our 3rd Source: Wisdom from the World’s Religion which inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life.


Please join us as we explore world traditions from Ancient Greece, modern day India and Early Judaism.

The Seven Principles in Poetry and Song

March 15, 2020

Worship Associate Kim Dawson & Lindsay Atkinson-Smith

Welcoming Board Member Lindsay Atkinson-Smith

Unitarian Universalists do not have a prescribed doctrine or creed, but we do share some guiding principles. In this service we reaffirm our commitment to these principles and explore and extend our understanding of them through specially selected music and poetry.

The Wisdom of A Rebirth

March 22, 2020

Rev. Danielle Webber

 Worship Associate Robert Sebo

Welcoming Board Member Ali McMillan

Spring and Spring Equinox are often associated with the concept of rebirth, and life coming back into our world. We will be exploring the wisdom that we find in the earth, in the rebirth of this time, while reengaging in a practice of welcoming new members to our community. Mixing renaissance with new life we will also be creating a new communion ceremony together this Sunday!

What I Appreciate Most About Kelowna Unitarian

March 29, 2020

Worship Associate Linda Guebert & Congregational Panel

Welcoming Board Member Linda Easton

Right now we are facing challenging times that unfortunately keep us from joining together at church as usual. But we know that our connection to Kelowna Unitarian is important, even when we can’t be with each other in person. In this live streamed service, several members share what they appreciate most about being a part of this beloved community.

Meet Our Minister
Rev. Danielle Webber is a third-generation UU, growing up in this tradition.  She decided to become a minister in 2012 while completing a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and Religious Studies and completed the Masters of Divinity in 2016. Rev. Danielle is an eloquent and relatable speaker. She delivers genuine and inspiring services week after week. Find out more about Rev. Danielle here. 
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