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Our Commitment Pathway will help lead you towards a deeper understanding of Unitarian Universalism as a faith, and the Kelowna Unitarian Community specifically. A pathway that leads towards membership with our church community, and an identity as a UU. 


To begin down this path please consider taking our Starting Point Program. 

Starting Point - An Introduction to the Unitarian Universalist Journey 

Unitarian Universalism is a journey, not a set of beliefs. As a faith community with no dogma or creed (rules and requirements) we are people seeking to travel a common journey through life. Starting Point will introduce you to this journey by asking you to reflect on where you have come from, informing you about where we have come from, and discovering how we can journey forward together.

Starting point runs on Mondays in October and November at 6:30pm. Click HERE to register.  

Oct 19, 2020 

Your Journey

Oct 26, 2020

The UU Journey

Nov 2, 2020

Our Journey Together - Part 1

The Three Paths: Deep Listening

Nov 9, 2020

Our Journey Together - Part 2

The Three Paths: Opening to Life’s Gifts & Opening to the Gifts of Others


Nov 16, 2020 

Session on Financial Giving,

 How are decisions Made, Governance and Policy 


Nov 23, 2020

Session on Our Covenant

Sessions around our symbolism & practices:

our communion services (Water, Fire, Flower), the chalice,

What is the difference between a member and a participant?

Can't make these dates? The Next Starting Point Session is scheduled for 

April 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17 

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