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What is Resilience? 

Resilience is a special superpower that allows us to recover quickly when things get hard. It may make us feel "tough" or "strong" while we tackle a challenge.

Resilience can be a complicated word for anybody, no matter their age. Hopefully these hands on tools and practices help you learn and live out resilience in your heart everyday. 



Check out Vasilisa, the Brave Russian fairy tale at the Okanagan Regional Library

Sweet, lovely Vasilisa lives with her jealous stepmother and stepsisters on the edge of a dark forest inhabited by the evil witch Baba Yaga. One night the stepmother sends Vasilisa to visit Baba Yaga, an errand from which the gentle girl has little chance of returning alive.

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Construct Family Resilience Centerpiece/Chalice Lighting

  1. Choose a cloth/piece of fabric, a chalice/favorite candle, an offering box/bowl, a way of sharing Joys and Sorrows (candles or rocks in water).

  2. Decorating your sacred space to represent resilience with Twigs and Rocks, Sand tray/houseplant (for Grit) or Paper People Chain or photo of church community/family.

  3. Say these words:“In this quiet place of beauty we promise to be kind and gentle with ourselves. We are doing the best we can and that is all we can do. We are supported and will support others with kindness

  4. Share Joys & Sorrows of the day or week . 

  5. Chalice Lighting: “We light this chalice for the warmth of love, the light of truth and the energy of action.” 

Outdoor Resilience 

Go outside and try something that seems challenging to you. These might be challenges which take a little effort, and some tries may  fail. Examples are balancing on a board, climbing over a table or monkey bars, swinging, skipping, hopping. Encourage each other by saying “Keep trying!” if with friends.

Poem: “Taraxacum” 

Rev. Theresa Soto









Even though they are edible, someone

decided that dandelions are weeds, stragglers

to destroy, to uproot. But dandelions 

never got the memo, never

thought to care. busy instead 

with dropping roots, flinging seeds, unfurling

shoots. And persistent in digging in that 

taproot to depths of two or three average 

adults end to end, the tiny yellow flower 



You are no less resilient, reaching 

both down to the strength that holds you, 

and up, up to the light, out with your beauty. 

And you know, having sunk your effort into 

the cool, damp earth - that while dandelions

can be clipped and fought, univested 

in anyone’s opinion they through their

sparkling futures onto the wind, tomorrow tucked 

into seeds, and grow all the way back, strong and bowing 

at the very same time. 

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