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Unitarian Wilderness Camp on Kootenay Lake is RENEWING… and bringing in new generations who love sim

I just heard from Keith Wiley, Board Secretary of the Unitarian Wilderness Camp. Keith says:

Hello, Unitarians,

We are promoting our wilderness camp as widely as possible to fellow Unitarians who might Love camping in a beautiful natural setting.

We are asking you to LINK TO OUR WEBSITE.

We can also provide leaflets and slideshows and possible speakers to promote.

Feel free to contact me at any time if I can provide any further information or support.

Thanks very much for your kind support.

Keith Wiley.

Board Secretary Northwest Wilderness Society of the Unitarian Church.

(250) 777-2020

Wonderful wilderness camping on Kootenay Lake in southern British Columbia. Tenting, hiking, paddling, wilderness! No cars, no plumbing, self-sufficient!

From July 1 to August 31 the camp director and camp boat provide fast motorized access to pristine camping. With dozens of possible camping sites along the beach, campers can be as alone, or as social, as they like. Hiking, swimming, fishing, and paddling the camp canoes are some of the usual activities. There are also frequent fireside sing-alongs, occasional potluck dinners, many kids and families, and NO motor vehicles, motorized watercraft or loud canned music.

Wilderness Camp was begun in the 1960s by a small group of Unitarians as an undeveloped camp and retreat. The affiliation with the Unitarian Church continues and many Unitarians camp here, but there is no religious affiliation necessary for campers. All are welcome.

Kootenay Lake is in southern BC, about 8-10 hours from Vancouver or Seattle or Calgary, and about 4 hours from

Spokane. Full directions here:

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